4th Graders On Winning Robotics Team Told To ‘Go Back To Mexico’

Image via GoFundMe

A young team of robotics whizzes got told to “go back to Mexico” because 2017 is a trash fire

Usually when a team of fourth-graders wins a competition, it’s cause for celebration. But for five kids from an Indianapolis elementary school, their victory was tainted by the disgusting racial slurs yelled at them.

By grown adults.

USA Today has the story of the five members of the Pleasant Run Elementary School’s robotics team, the Pleasant Run PantherBots, who made it a step closer to the Vex IQ State Championship with their win last month. On their way out of the competition, the team of fourth graders, two of whom are Latino and one of whom is African-American, were confronted by the a crowd in the parking lot.

The competition was held at a high school in Plainfield, Indiana, and featured 35 teams from Indianapolis-area schools. It was students from those other teams who were waiting for the PantherBots, whose school is made up of lower income students from the east side of the city, as they headed out of the building.

Several kids shouted “Go back to Mexico!” as the fourth-graders, in a disgusting reprisal of some of the comments the team had heard inside the school during the competition — from adults.

Diocelina Herrera, the mother…