Argentina: Massive March as Teachers vow to Continue Strike

  • Thousands march during the national teachers
Thousands march during the national teachers’ strike, March 6, 2017 | Photo: AFP

“Those who are disrupting are those who destabilize the lives of our families with their economic policies. We aren’t afraid. They can’t break us.”

Thousands of teachers in the Argentine province of Buenos Aires vowed to continue their strike on Thursday during a massive protest in the provincial capital of La Plata.

The demonstration — which was joined by health care workers and social movement organizations — marked the eighth day of walkouts by education workers in the province and a local continuation of a multi-day national teachers’ strike last week.

Members of the Union of Education Workers, SUTEBA, and the Teachers’ Union of Buenos Aires, UDOCBA, also vowed to continue their strike in spite of the efforts by Governor Maria Vidal — known as the “Margaret Thatcher of Argentina” — to divide workers.

“[This government] is used to the idea that everything can be bought or sold, but the dignity of workers is not for sale,” Roberto Baradel, the head SUTEBA, told thousands gathered outside the provincial capitol building.

On Wednesday, Vidal vowed to levy…