Brazil’s Carnival revelers channel anger against president


The exuberant, sassy celebration of Carnival is giving Brazil’s battered leftists a stage to vent their frustrations — even while having a good time — after a year that saw their movement pushed out of power and the economic achievements of a decade undercut by a persistent crisis.

Thousands have turned out at Carnival street parties and other events across Brazil since Friday sporting shirts, earrings, banners and masks demanding the resignation of conservative President Michel Temer, who in August replaced his impeached center-left predecessor Dilma Rousseff.

Some wear straightforward T-shirts emblazoned “Out with Temer!” Others are more playful. The mocking chants of “Bye bye, darling” that greeted Rousseff’s ouster now find a retort with shirts begging, “Come back, darling!” One man wearing a Temer mask at a street party decked himself in Christmas ornaments, making fun of a politician who once described his role as “decorative.”

“This is our revenge against the man who stole our government from us,” said retired teacher Silvia Barros, 72.

A member of Rousseff’s Worker’s Party, she prepared anti-Temer banners at Rio’s Sao Salvador Square, a traditional gathering…