Brazil’s Latest Scandal: Bribes, Acid and Tainted Meat Sales

Brazilians are used to scandal and allegations of corruption, but the latest headline-grabbing police investigation has the country entering new realms that are both stomach-turning and slightly surreal.

Federal authorities announced Friday they’re investigating evidence that companies including JBS SA and BRF SA, the nation’s largest meat producers, bribed government officials to approve the sale and export of contaminated meat. Federal police served hundreds of court orders, including more than 30 detention warrants, in what local media says is the largest police operation in the country’s history.

It’s alleged that some of the meat, including sausages and cold cuts, was adulterated with ingredients including pig heads, and that suspect smells were masked by applying acid.

Police released transcripts of recorded conversations showing how agricultural inspectors were bribed, sometimes in the form of prime cuts of beef. Those who refused to comply, it’s alleged, were reassigned elsewhere by the meat companies.

“It seems like magic realism,” Marcos Josegrei da Silva, the judge responsible for overseeing the so-called Weak Flesh investigation, said in a court order. “Unfortunately, it is not.”

School Lunches

Some of the tainted meat was sold for school meals or to retail chains including Wal-Mart Stores Inc., according to police and Brazil’s Federal Revenue agency. Some was exported — police allege three BRF cargoes tainted with salmonella are still en route to Europe.

Wal-Mart said in a statement that it’s requested explanations from the suppliers cited by the police, and that its internal procedures on food safety are reliable.

Brazil’s Agriculture Ministry said that while the scandal revealed isolated cases, it may more broadly harm the country’s global trade reputation. Eumar Novacki, a secretary at the ministry, told journalists in Brasilia that repercussions from the case were “concerning,” as some importers may question Brazil’s overall food security system. The country is the world’s largest beef and chicken exporter, accounting for almost a fifth of global exports.

“I think…