Colombia is a failed state and planning FARC massacre: Venezuela

Diplomatic relations between Colombia and Venezuela hit rock bottom again on Thursday with Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accusing Bogota of planning a “massacre of FARC leaders.”

Maduro responded fiercely to his Colombian counterpart Juan Manuel Santos, who earlier that day repeated an earlier claim that the Venezuelan government’s “Bolivarian Revolution has failed.”

“Colombia is a failed state,” Maduro responded at a party rally in the capital Caracas, where he said he would “reveal the whole truth about the peace process.”

“They are preparing a massacre of the FARC leaders who signed peace,” Maduro claimed.

The accusation touches an extremely sensitive nerve with the guerrillas, who have negotiated extreme security measures after a 1985 intent to enter politics ended in the assassinations of thousands of leftist activists in the 1980s and 1990s.

According to Maduro, Venezuela has taken in 5.6 million Colombians “fleeing from war, from paramilitaries, from the oligarchy, from hunger, from the lack of opportunities, from unemployment. They censor me in Colombia when I tell this truth.”