Corn farmers, lawmakers worry about Trump’s potential ‘trade war’ with Mexico

WASHINGTON (Gray DC) Mexico is escalating the war of words with President Trump over trade policy, and that’s not sitting well with farmers.

Some Mexican lawmakers want to stop buying corn from the U.S. and shift those purchases to Brazil and Argentina.

John Handsanker is a corn farmer from Radcliffe, Iowa. He says he faces uncertainty with his crops every season, but now there are more unknowns with a new Mexican proposal to stop buying U.S. corn.

“It’s certainly not something we want to see happen,” Handsanker said. “We want to support trade policies that are open and inclusive of everyone.”

America is the world leader for growing and shipping corn, and when it comes to exports, Mexico is our biggest recipient. It’s an industry valued at $2.4 billion. However, those figures could change if Mexican lawmakers’ plans go through. It’s the latest attempt…