Crafting the Perfect Peru Itinerary

Crafting the Perfect Peru Itinerary

PHOTO: Travel agent Nina Fogelman only sells what she knows well, and what she knows is Peru. (photo via Flickr/Art DiNo)

Nina Fogelman never imagined that she would ever have an interest in being a travel agent, but 12 years ago she was feeling lost in her career and wanted to re-invent herself.

“Someone asked me, ‘What do you love?’ and that was easy,” she said. “I love Peru. They said to me, ‘so do Peru,’ and that is what I did.”

Fogelman had moved to Peru after accepting a one-year contract as Director of an Alternative Healing Arts Institute located in the Cusco area. She had no idea the South American nation would fill her heart with love, hope and a brand new life. Between living in Peru and traveling back and forth once she moved away, she was always advising friends who were going to visit.

“It was a natural switch,” said Fogelman, the founder and director of Ancient Summit, a travel company that specializes in programs and excursions to Peru. “In 2005, I got on a flight, mapped out my first tour and we are still going strong. Of course, I also got the required licensing.”