Drug Cartels Blamed for Mass Grave Discovery in Mexico


Mexican investigators announced the discovery of more than 250 skulls from unmarked graves hidden along the outskirts of the eastern Gulf state of Veracruz. Authorities anticipate more victims will be uncovered in the months to follow in an area with a reputation for where suspected gang members went to “disappear” people by hiding their murdered bodies.

Prosecutors believe drug cartels are behind a wave of killings amid a surging homicide rate on the nation.

“Veracruz is an enormous grave,” State Prosecutor Jorge Winckler said in a statement to local media on March 14. “By the time they’re done opening graves in the state it’s going to be the biggest grave in Mexico and maybe one of the biggest in the world.”

The discovery of the mass grave comes at a time when violence and the murder rate is rising rapidly. Nearly 2,000 murders were recorded in January alone, the highest for any…