Mexico’s Welcome Mat Rolled Out for Americans

Mexico is one of the world’s most visited countries, drawing more than 30 million people each year to soak up the sun on its pristine beaches, explore historic sites and get a taste of its unique Latin American culture.

The United Nations World Tourism Organization ranks it among the top 10 travel destinations, and Mexico’s resort areas are perennially popular vacation spots for Americans, according to Travel Leaders Group surveys.

With so many visitors, the vast majority from the United States, tourism plays a vital role in Mexico’s economy. The government places a high priority on putting its best foot forward in welcoming travelers from near and far, whether that means developing resort areas on the Caribbean and Pacific coasts or safeguarding sites connected to Mexico’s ancient Mayan civilization.

Mexico’s tourism industry really began to take off in the 1970s, when the government started to develop a nearly forgotten stretch of sand dunes in the Yucatan Peninsula, on the Caribbean coast. Today, Cancun is the country’s number one tourist destination, as well as among the top five international destinations booked by Travel Leaders agents…