Pope May Allow Married Men to be Priests; Will Visit Colombia in September

Catholic Church may soon be ordaining married men as priests.

In his interview with a German newspaper, Pope Francis has expressed his willingness to keep an open mind whether the Catholic Church is open to ordaining married men as priests. This is needed as many remote locations in the world suffer from a clergy shortage. The pontiff said that church will continue to keep its celibate standards applicable to most priests from all over the world. However, it could analyze the idea of married men possessing sufficient faith to be accepted into the priesthood.

In case the Catholic Church accepts such a plan, it will be a provisional extension of a Church which is already used to accommodate a number of married priests in exceptional cases. Pope Francis has insisted earlier the church could analyze the idea of “viri probati” or married men who have already proven to have faith can be ordained. In case the idea gets approval from…