Santos’ already huge election fraud problem just got a lot bigger

The 2010 campaign of Colombia President Juan Manuel Santos, already investigated for receiving illegal funds from bribery-stained multinational Odebrecht, also received funds from an investment company that embezzled hundreds of millions of dollars, according to the company’s imprisoned former director.

Now-liquidated Colombia brokerage firm InterBolsa payed $150,000 to the Santos campaign in 2010 to cover its advertising debts, ex-Interbolsa president Rodrigo Jaramillo told Colombian media Thursday.

The former investment banker was sentenced to seven years in prison in August 2015 after his company for years had embezzled hundreds of million from funds of tens of thousands of investors.

InterBolsa was liquidated in 2012. It’s directors were not formally charged until February this year. In 2010, the public had no idea of the mass embezzlement.

The Interbolsa allegations arrive just two days after Santos was forced to acknowledge that his 2010 campaign had received funding from Brazilian company Odebrecht.

The admitted illegal receiving and spending of the money by then-campaign manager Roberto Prieto spurred a formal investigation against the president earlier this week.

Jamarillo sent a letter to the Colombian Prosecutor General, Nestor Humberto Martinez, informing him that he has information concerning contributions InterBolsa made to the Santos campaign.

According to Jaramillo, conversations took place between InterBolsa executives and Prieto in the InterBolsa offices in the north of Bogota.

“The specific claim made by Mr. Prieto was to seek additional economic funds to cover a campaign deficit that had resulted from advertising expenses.”

Former Interbolsa President Rodrigo Jaramillo

Jaramillo added that he agreed to help…