Tropical disturbance nearing Gulf of Mexico, rain event for Gulf states

A tropical cyclone is likely to occur in the Gulf of Mexico this week.

A broad low-pressure system pushing over the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, 700 miles southwest of Orlando, has a high likelihood of developing into a tropical depression or even a named storm early this week after it re-emerges over the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

As the storm system tracks north, it’ll bring a heavy rain and flooding threat to a large portion of the Gulf Coast. The exact track of this storm is very uncertain, with some models forecasting storm movement over Texas, some over the Florida Panhandle and others in between.

Because of the ragged structure of the storm, a feature not uncommon with tropical or subtropical systems that develop during this time of year, heavy rains and flooding will be a threat regardless of how much the storm system can develop. Heaviest rains may fall near the storm’s center or along bands that can set up at distances away from the storm’s center, especially on the east side of it.