Trump’s promise that Mexico will pay for wall could be in trouble following budget proposal

The Trump administration released a preliminary 2018 budget proposal on Wednesday, and with it comes official details on how the new White House plans to pay for the controversial border wall.

According to the 2017 proposal, the wall will cost taxpayers $2 billion this year. The White House expects to spend $4.1 billion on the wall through 2018.

Trump promised throughout the 2016 campaign that not only will a wall on the Mexican-American border be built, but that Mexico would pay for it. The campaign promise evolved into a rallying cry of Trump’s campaign events, with then presidential candidate Trump often leading attendees in a call-and-response chant.

Click through images of the wall already along the US-Mexico border:

“Who’s gonna pay for the wall?” Trump would ask before the crowd cheered “Mexico!”

Critics have already called Trump’s new budget proposal the nail in the coffin for his border wall promise. However, the billionaire businessman’s team has been pivoting since taking office regarding how Mexico will pay for…