Calls made to move 2019 Pan American Games as flooding rocks Peru

Flooding has ignited a crisis in Peru ©Getty Images

A campaign to cancel the 2019 Pan American Games in Lima is gathering momentum due to the floods which are decimating Peru.

According to Peru Reports, the capital city’s Mayor Luis Castañeda has become the latest to oppose the Games amid the ongoing crisis.

At least 72 people have died following torrential rain and mudslides in the South American nation, with the floods said to have affected at least half of the country.

Lima has been without water since Monday (March 13) with the armed forces brought in to help restore order.

More than 800 towns and cities have been declared as a state of emergency due to a shortage of food and water, with more than 60,000 homes destroyed in 24 out of Peru’s 25 states.

It has led to increased calls for the money allocated for the Games to be redirected towards the relief effort.

The Popular Force political party, which controls Peru’s Congress, have said they…