Chile Now Sells Medicinal Cannabis At The Pharmacy

Good news for those who live in Chile! You can now order medical cannabis at your local pharmacy. That is, if you live in Santiago, the capital city. This marks the first time weed has ever been available at drug stores in Latin America. And they aren’t the only ones following this path!

The Path to Legal Chilean Cannabis

Chile Now Sells Medicinal Cannabis At The Pharmacy

Medical cannabis was officially legalized in Chile back in 2015. Then a decriminalization bill was passed in Chilean Congress. In 2016, the country welcomed its first medical cannabis farm, located just 170 miles south of Santiago. The farm helped thousands of patients. They suffer from a variety of conditions, like chronic pain, cancer, and epilepsy. But it wasn’t an easy road to medical weed legalization.

Although Chileans are allowed to use cannabis in the privacy of their homes, it’s still illegal to produce and sell it throughout most of the country. Which is ironic, as hemp was first introduced in the Quillota Valley as…