Colombia president apologizes but denies knowledge of illegal 2010 Odebrecht funding

Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos on Tuesday acknowledged that his 2010 presidential campaign received “irregular funding” from Brazilian company Odebrecht but moved to dispel suggestions that he was aware it had happened.

Former Santos’ campaign manager, Roberto Prieto Uribe, claimed in an earlier interview with BluRadio that in 2010 the Brazilian company Odebrecht had financed the purchase of posters for the campaign.

The financing allegedly amounted to the provision of $400,000 to a vendor to print 2 million campaign posters during the campaign.

Santos denounced such payments that are illegal under Colombian law but reiterated that the revelations are also just coming as news to him.

“I did not authorize or have any knowledge of these efforts, which were done in direct violation of the ethical and control standards that I demanded to be imposed on the campaign,” the president said in a video posted on his Facebook and Twitter accounts following Prieto’s interview.

In his video Santos…