Colombia turning into another Venezuela is ‘impossible’: US ambassador

The US ambassador to Colombia rejected any suggestions that the South American nation could end up similar to it’s neighbor Venezuela, in an interview with newspaper El Colombiano.

A recent poll carried out by local media organizations revealed that over 50% of Colombians fear that the country is at risk of turning into Venezuela at some point in the future, an idea that Kevin Whitaker completely dismissed.

“Impossible. I also served in Venezuela, I know it well, it’s problems, it’s people. You are different. That will never happen here, ever. I have no doubt about that,” said the official.

The risk of turning into a “Castro-Chavez state” is a political talking point of hard-right former President Alvaro Uribe‘s Democratic Center political party, infamous for misinforming the public in its opposition to peace with the FARC.

Actually, the former President Uribe made up the term “Castro-Chavezism” with the express aim of planting fear among the public in order to rally opposition to Colombia’s historic peace deal.

The supposed threat propagated by the former president is that if the FARC is allowed to enter politics peacefully and stolen land is returned to victims of the armed conflict, Colombia is going turn into Venezuela.

Whitaker however, believes that the situation in Colombia is uniquely different and a brighter future lies ahead for the nation.

There are very important factors in that of institutionality. The responsibility of leadership. We spoke about the polarization that exists in the country. It is very important to respond to that: polarization, demonization of the opponent,…