Finnish meat providers investigate Brazilian products for spoiled goods

Raaka, kypsentämätön pihvi naisen kämmenellä.
Image: Fotosearch

Brazil’s meat industry is under heavy scrutiny amid allegations that two of Brazil’s largest meat producers have bribed officials for years to approve the sale and export of rotten and salmonella-contaminated beef and poultry. Some of the meat was exported to Europe.

The Finnish Ministry of Agriculture and the Environment has stated it is taking the issue seriously and will investigate if spoiled meat has been brought to Finland.

In Finland, Brazilian meat has been sold in stores belonging to S Group.

”Our retailers have had two Brazilian products in their selections, tenderloin and sirloin. These products can be traced all the way back to their slaughterhouses. We are evaluating this production chain and assessing if there’s anything suspicious in the other end,” says S Group’s Managing Director Ilkka Alarotu.

According to Alarotu, S Group tests the meat it sells for salmonella and freshness on a…