In Chile, a Dolphin Is Running for President to Highlight Need for Strong Climate Leadership

Image Credit: Greenpeace

has a knack for creatively communicating about its causes and its latest campaign is no exception. The NGO is backing a dolphin in Chile’s upcoming presidential election to call attention to the need for strong climate leadership in the country.

Delfin Chileno “announced” its candidacy earlier this month in Santiago’s Plaza Italia. Its platform calls for government to get serious about protecting Chile’s environmental heritage and the Patagonian Seas, particularly from the threat posed by the salmon industry. Beyond highlighting the seriousness of the environmental threats facing Chile, the campaign serves as a stinging satire on the country’s deteriorating political landscape as a whole.

“It seems that neither the political world nor the government is aware of the seriousness of the environmental threat Chile is facing today. We are among the 10 [countries most affected by] climate change and it seems that no candidate cares. We want the environmental issue to be taken seriously and become a priority,” the marine mammal said in justifying his candidacy.

The Delfín Chileno candidacy is part of Greenpeace’s Save the Seas at the End of the World campaign, which seeks to prevent…