Missing San Diego Activist Recovering After Being Found Wounded in Mexico

Hugo Castro, a San Diego activist, volunteers to help Haitian refugees in Mexico, March 16, 2017.

Hugo Castro, a San Diego activist, volunteers to help Haitian refugees in Mexico, March 16, 2017. (Matthew Bowler/KPBS)

Border Angels Founder Enrique Morones is working with the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City to have his volunteer coordinator Hugo Castro transferred to a San Diego hospital from the Red Cross facility in the State of Mexico.

The San Diego activist is receiving medical attention and is stable after being found wounded Tuesday on an street called Avenida San Rafael in Tlalnepantla de Baz, a city in the State of Mexico, Mexico’s attorney general said in a press release Tuesday. He had been missing for nearly five days.

Investigators at the office of the special prosecutor for disappeared persons received an anonymous phone call describing his location.

Details surrounding his disappearance are still unclear, but the office of Mexico’s attorney general said it has since launched an investigation into “the illegal deprivation of freedom” of Castro.

Castro’s partner, Gaba Cortes, shared a few details on her Facebook page Tuesday night, saying representatives from the attorney general’s office had been with her all day.

“The health state of Hugo Castro is delicate, he is hospitalized, the medical prognosis is guarded,” she wrote.

Morones said he was “delighted” to learn that his volunteer was found alive, although he is very worried about Castro’s physical health and is also unaware of the circumstances.

“He is so loved by so many people, I’m sure that positive energy and all the help from so many people played a key role,” Morones said. “There’s been so many people helping us — the U.S. government, the Mexican government, organizations, individuals, and we really want to thank everybody because it takes a team effort.”

Castro, a U.S. citizen, went missing Thursday evening after posting a Facebook Live video from the shoulder of a highway near Mexico City, saying a group of criminals was “hunting” him.

“Seriously, I was threatened, they want to kill me,” he said in Spanish, asking for someone to pick him up, describing his location as Kilometer 37 of the highway to Puebla out…