Top things to do in Peru beyond Machu Picchu!

New Delhi [India], July 17 : Whether it’s an experienced traveller or an enthusiastic backpacker, thousands of tourists visit Peru for a peek of its undeniably awe-inspiring archaeological star attraction – Machu Picchu, but the fact is that Peru is a country replete with hidden treasures waiting to be explored and experienced.

Look past the mesmerising sight of stunning vistas atop the majestic mountain peaks of one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites, and you will find much more to be discovered.

With a rich abundance of sights and sounds spread across this diverse country, we are certain that a single trip will not do justice to what the Peruvian landscape has to offer. From the snow-capped mountains in the Andean highlands, across the Pacific coastline, and the rich history of the Incan civilization, Peru is a showcase of geographic and cultural diversity.

Choose between a walk through the country’s rich natural reserves and dense forests, a trek across its magnificent peaks and giant sand dunes, a leisurely stroll across its pristine beaches, or an insightful peek into the lives of the Incas, Peru will leave you spoilt for choice but guarantee a treat for the eyes, mind and soul.

Below are few of the most incredible experiences one can have in Peru for an experience of a lifetime that takes you beyond Peru’s most obvious attractions:

-Visit Lima, the modern Peru – Peru’s capital city is on the Pacific coast, where you can enjoy the richness of the sea all year long. It features modern restaurants, shopping malls and entertainment venues along with Colonial neighborhoods and historical museums to discover the traditional side of the city, spending nights full of art, music and fun in bohemian districts.

– Lima and the art of good eating – Peru’s capital is also the culinary capital of the Americas. Lima has turned into a true caldron of flavors due to the variety and wealth of ingredients from the coast, highlands, and rainforest; the blending of ancient and modern cooking techniques; and the fusion of influences from different cultures like the Chinese, the Japanese, the Afro-Peruvian, and the European one resulting in a culinary melting pot that is now an important part of the Peruvian…