US Artist Trolls Trump with Billboard in Mexico City

Mitch O’Connell’s billboard in Mexico City (all images courtesy of the artist)

MEXICO CITY — Earlier this summer, artist Mitch O’Connell approached over 30 US ad companies about hoisting up a billboard in which President Donald Trump is depicted as a sinewy alien in the style of John Carpenter’s 1988 They Live, with “Make America Great Again” emblazoned on the American flag. After the ad companies showed trepidation, O’Connell decided to move the project to Mexico with money from a Go Fund Me campaign, which he originally raised for a billboard in the Washington, DC area. Now, the cheeky image hangs over one of Mexico City’s main thoroughfares connecting the city to its suburbs. The billboard has drawn attention here and in the United States, where not a single company was willing to display the inflammatory image, according to O’Connell.

Mitch O'Connell's billboard in Mexico City
Mitch O’Connell’s billboard in Mexico City

The mock campaign feels especially apt because it’s mixed in with real campaign propaganda for the upcoming 2018 presidential election in Mexico, which begins in the State of Mexico, where O’Connell’s billboard…